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Currently Americans are spending more than 90% of their time indoors. A greater portion of our time is spent at home as technology allows us to do our jobs away from the office in increasing numbers. Families are traveling less and concentrating more on their home environment. There is also the growing popularity of TV shows promoting the importance of good home design. “For these reasons, the demand for educated interior designers has dramatically increased,” states Erin Rademann. Rademann is a co-owner of Partners by Design & Fine Furnishings, Inc., a distinguished 6,500 square foot furniture store and interior design business, located in Fond du Lac, WI. The once perceived image that only the rich have designers has long ceased. “By contrast, the importance of interior designers becomes equally necessary when tight budgets are in place,” states Rademann. Designers can help avoid costly errors when making finish selections, whether it be an interior or exterior finish. Common mistakes, in renovating or new construction, can involve the incorrect placement of walls and windows. It is also very important to make sure the correct furnishings are selected to fit the proportion of the space, as well as maximizing the room’s intended use. The furniture placement in a room can often make or break a room’s potential. Rademann finds it extremely rewarding to be able to walk into a space currently occupied and have the opportunity to reposition the furnishings to best suit the space and function of the room. It is amazing to witness the reaction a client has when they realize how the room’s image and function can dramatically change. Whether a room is 200 or 1,000 square feet, it involves an architectural composition of balance and logic. Rademann states, “As educated interior designers, we utilize basic design principles to stress the importance of form and function. Design is all about finding the magic in the space, whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining space, or commercial office. The proper elements of scale, design, shape, proportion, and balance must all be in sync.

Rademann, a degreed interior designer, shares what to expect when working with an interior designer. When a client is furnishing a space, renovating, or just changing wall colors, it is important for an interior designer to get a feel of the client’s current surroundings in order to accomplish an appropriate blend of the space.

Common questions Partners by Design may ask clients when assisting in design include: How do you live and how would you like to utilize the space? Is this your primary or secondary residence? How many people would you like the space to accommodate? What is the time line to adhere to? What are strong color or style likes or dislikes? Are there existing pieces, such as an art piece, lamp, area rug, chest, or table, you would like to incorporate into the space?

Erin Rademann and Dan Buechel, well-known interior designers and co-owners of Partners by Design & Fine Furnishings, Inc., stress the importance of having good relationships with their clients. “We establish long, lasting friendships with most of our clients. A key to our success is the ability to customize interior spaces to reflect individual personalities and lifestyles.”

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