How the Cyber Design Craze fortified Interior Design Relationships


I will never forget the first time that I tried to color my own hair. I had all the aspirations of looking exactly like the girl on the box. I had put great thought and research into what I would choose. I had the directions, the product, the time, an artist’s eye and hand. In the end, there had been several things that I hadn’t considered. Things that I would have never thought of or had been able to predict and in the end I was left disappointed. It was a tough lesson that helped me to realize the age old saying : “You don’t know, what you don’t know”.

In some ways the “cyber design craze” has been much the same, and this is why designer/client relationships are now stronger than ever and growing in number. Years ago everyone was introduced into a world full of endless design options courtesy of the internet, when everything became available literally at one’s fingertips and at lightning speed. Amazing design ideas, theories and products became available everywhere… this was a great place to start, but frankly that is all that it is… a starting point. Unfortunately, many consumers have experienced that “cyber design” made it easier than ever for them to make costly mistakes by being draped in the illusion of a false ability to apply design concepts or to retain quality products without having to examine the important details of how to really get there effectively and on the correct terms, specifically relating to their project.

Embracing the fact that every home is truly unique and has its own challenges, today’s consumers are taking notice now more than ever before, that partnering with an interior designer is a responsible way to effectively get exactly what they desire, given the contextual forces that they are bound to… without pitfalls or costly regrets. No two homes are alike, but every home has the potential to be equally as amazing as the next, when all of the important details are harmoniously pulled together correctly.

Discerning clients are mindful of the return on their time and dollars, counting on today’s designers to provide them with the products, service and personal experience to create the spaces and homes of their dreams in affordable and tangible ways. Clients have become aware that manufacturers from all around the world introduce the newest and most amazing things that they offer first and foremost, exclusively to the professional Interior Design community. Consumers are looking to their designers to champion their projects big or small to achieve their goals. It is truly an exciting time for the Interior Design community and clients all around the world!

This post, authored by Partners By Design’s Angela Bauer, originally appeared in the 2015 Parade of Homes Magazine.


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